The History of the World

The History of the World

Turn 1

Ben – A forest, chain of mountains, and two islands are created.
Marty – Creates a region of volcano and a delta.
Shawn – Adds a Lake/River and a Volcanic Rift.

Turn 2

Ben – Creates an area of permafrost north of the lake. Adds forest near the delta.
Marty – Saves Points
Shawn – Creates Mountains near the lake.

Turn 3

Ben – Saves Points
Marty – Creates volcanic badlands and adds a desert climate to it.
Shawn – Adds a monsoon climate near the delta forest.

Turn 4

Ben – Adds Rolling Hills and Grassland
Marty – Saves Points
Shawn – Added a tributary to the river and added Grasslands

Turn 5

Ben – Created Avatar – The Mother of Monsters (Evil, Inhabits the delta).
Marty – Creates Planes of Glass and adds a climate of perpetual lightning.
Shawn – Creates a race of Merfolk (Neutral) who inhabit the lake.

Turn 6

Ben – Creates Hills, Rivers, and Lakes.
Marty – Creates an avatar – Peacock (Avatar of the God of Magic), who then creates humans. Creates floating city.
Shawn – Saves Points.

End of the First Era

Turn 7

Ben – Creates Elves (Good), and creates a subrace of Desert Elves.
Marty – Humans become masters of magic. Peacock orders a great road be built to the the cities of the elves. Iridescent Order is created.
Shawn – Creates Avatar – Thunn (Avatar of the God of Earth and Secrets). Thunn creates the Dwarven Race. Dwarves inhabit the land under the Glass Hills.

Turn 8

Ben – Creates Avatar – Immortal Eagle God of the Elves
Marty – Mother of Monsters creates an army of oozes. Merfolk become corrupted by evil. Iridescent Order creates an island city: Orachlium.
Shawn – Creates a subrace of Merfolk and the Deep War begins, pitting the two merfolk factions against one another.

Turn 9

Ben – Creates Race: Black Fang Orcs (Evil).
Marty – Humans settle the hills and grasslands. Peacock creates golems.
Shawn – Dwarves create their capital city of Calix, and become the most advanced smiths of the world.

Turn 10

Ben – Creates a Dwarven subrace: Volcano Dwarves, who become the most advance sailors in the world.
Marty – Peacock, along with his army of golems, attack and destroy the evil merfolk. Orachlium becomes the most advance city of magic in the world. Orcs become the masters of stealth.
Shawn – Creates Avatar: Omnar, the First Giant (Evil).

Turn 11

Ben – Creates two human subraces. One builds the city of Solace
Marty – Mother of Monsters attacks elves with ooze army but is defeated. Desert Elves become the masters of Steam Power. Orachlium creates the Sword of Ages, which is fated to destroy the Mother of Monsters. Peacock gifts the Eagle King with the sword.
Shawn – As the sword is being transported, the dwarves intercept it, stealing it for themselves and secreting it away with Calix. Thunn organizes them into an army (The Iron Boys). Omnar creates a race of giants.

Turn 12

Ben – Human subrace becomes the masters of horses. Humans of Solace create an army.
Marty – Peacock orders the golem army to attack the dwarves, but after an epic battle, the dwarves drive them back. The dwarves, hoping to find the secrets of the crafting of the Sword of Ages, find only a single peacock feather when they check their vault.
Shawn – Omnar creates the city of Hammerfall and an army of giants. The Glass Hills Dwarves create the Blade Seekers, an order that searches the land for the Sword of Ages.

End of the Second Age

Turn 13

Ben – Eagle King creates an order: Brotherhood of the Blood Arrow. Elves create the city of Silverguard in the Western Forest and raise an army.
Marty – Desert Elves are Corrupted. The Mother of Monsters orders the evil creature to establish a lawless city: Doom.
Shawn – Glass Hill Dwarves are corrupted into a neutral race. Dwarves create the city of Frostholm and create an army there.

Turn 14

Ben – Creates an Avatar: Badger, who then creates the Halfling Race.
Marty – Creates an Avatar: Sicarius Van Dutch. Creates pipeline to aid in creating a subrace of Halflings: The Coldlings.
Shawn – Frostholm creates a War Academy. The dwarves invade Orachlium to find the Sword of Ages. The sword isn’t found, but in the process the city is destroyed and the magic contained within is released uncontrolled onto the land.

Turn 15

Marty – Iridescent Order uses the ruins of Orachlium to create The Floating Onclave to Peacock which hovers over the Western Sea. Orcs infest the Hidden Paths, seeking a way in to Peacock’s Paradise. Peacock purifies the human city of Plume (+2) and orders them to raise an army. The people then purify the city further.
Shawn – Omnar commands the giants to construct the Wall of Piled Stones and Broken Bones, a great wall that blocks all entrance from the rest of the continent. He enslaves the humans within and begins ordering them to labor and breed. The Volcano Dwarves create and army: The Black Flotilla. These marauding pirates patrol any waters they believe will see traffic. The Seekers of the Blade create spy networks in the cities to gather information one the Sword’s whereabouts.
Chris – The former mate of Peacock, Hester (avatar), arises in the west. She creates a race of Shadow People (-1).

Turn 16

Marty – Van Dutch commands the Coldlings to create a city: Glacier, a mining city. Peacock, angered by the repeated attempts by the orcs to enter his citadel, flies it away into orbit. This causes a catastrophe as the new gravitational pull wreaks havoc on the land. The sea rises and the Delta is totally flooded, killing the oozes. Doom becomes a coastal city and the Pipeline breaks. Solace becomes an island while River’s End is destroyed.
Shawn – Naxx (0), the avatar of Chaos, is created from the uncontrolled magic surrounding the ruins of Orachlium. It sets up a field of unstable reality in the nearby area. Known laws of space and time are in flux here.
Chris – The Shadow People found the city of Illustre, a haven of people of evil. The city is advanced to be the Masters of Dark Magic.

Turn 17

Marty – The Mother of Monsters raises the dead humans caused by Peacock’s Flight. These are The Drowned Ones. The merfolk create a submarine fleet (army), commanded by Admiral Bloolool.
Shawn – Badger orders the Halflings to build the city of Crossroads. The halfling civilization is advanced to be the masters of trade.
Chris – Unfortunately, I don’t have anything for you this round. We’ll have to think back and try and figure out what you did this turn. Did you save your points?

Turn 18

Marty – Peacock orders the Iridescent Order (on the Floating Onclave) to investigate the Unstable Region. Naxx wraps them in chaos and the city is never seen again. The elves create the city of Sash’kar’lil.
Shawn – Badger orders the creation of Rambler’s Rest, a trade city that is centrally located. The Halflings build The Gold Road, a great highway connecting their main cities. The land around The Mother of Monsters becomes so corrupted that it spawns Earthen Abominations. These horrors live in eternal pain and lash out at all life. After civil unrest due to overcrowding, the shaman of the merfolk create a saltwater subrace and they move into the underwater city of River’s End. Unpronounceable by human standards, it is just referred to a Coral.
Chris – The enslaved human tribes under Omnar revolt and range out into the area beyone the wall to become warlike nomads. The Shadow People are advanced to become the Master of Intrigue. Hester commands the Shadow People to create The Shadow Bridge, which is also a city. This construction spans the western bay, and despite the leaning of the Shadow People, is considered neutral.

The History of the World

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