Durrin Ironshanks

An older dwarf who is out to make his mark in the world after many long years of church beaurocracy.


Stats up soon.


Durrin is a dwarf on a mission. He spent a great portion of his life comfortably entombed within his home city of Calix, serving the church and crafting items of worth. However, he was hit hard by the death of his dear friend, Ardur Stoneshaper. Ardur was always chiding him about his leisurely lifestyle. Telling him that when he was on his deathbed, he wouldn’t be content with the life he lived. When Ardur died unexpectedly of a heart attack, Durrin began it feel is own mortality and realized that he did want to accomplish something of note before he went to face Thunn. So now entering to late middle age, and suffering from Calix Cough, Durrin has left the Dwarven lands with no clear idea of what lies ahead. His only goal is glory through the service of Thunn.

Durrin Ironshanks

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