Old School Labyrinth Lord


Just to clarify, Durrin is a cleric of Thunn, Dwarven god of Earth and Secrets.

Session the Second
Goblins, Shoggoths and Bandits

Zorgarion the Magic User, Ulmar Greyshadow the Ranger, a Fighter named Carst, and a Cleric of Thor named Durin Ironshanks are working for the local lord to combat the evil humanoids in the region

The heroes rested in the lair of the goblin force, and then proceeded over the rope bridge. Within the dungeon in the hill beyond, they fought another goblin group, and defeated them. Within they found a barricaded door. Removing the barricade, a twisting stair led down into the darkness. From that same darkness a shuffling horror of tentacles, eyes and gnashing mouths boiled out. Fear gripped the heroes and they ran for their lives, leaving the horrible thing to boil into the chasm below the bridge and escape.

Reporting back to Lord Casimir and Sgt. at Arms Ceylon, the heroes were assigned a scouting mission to go north and investigate goblin activity there.

A damsel in distress lead the heroes off their path to a small farm that had been attacked by bandits. Subduing the bandits and accidentally executing one lead to a solution – the adventurers hired the shabby bandits as henchmen and headed off to investigate a tendril of smoke rising in the distance.


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